Discomfort Caused By Contact Lenses


7 Ways To Get Rid Of The Discomfort Caused By Coloured Contact Lenses

You must be using coloured contact lenses for a while now. After all, these coloured contact lenses are wonderful devices that can easily enhance your appearance as you wish. Not only that, you can change the colour of your eye to whatever colour you want and still look so natural that no one would be able to understand why you look so amazing today.

Coloured contact lenses are used for more than just fashion, people are using them for Cosplay costumes and even for Halloween. The demand for these items is always there, especially for Halloween. You would see the use of extreme coloured lenses such as the soloticahidrocoruk.

These coloured contact lenses have their own coloured tint on them. These tints have different patterns and styles that blend in with the eye colour and produce a much more beautiful colour on our eyes.

That said, many users of coloured contact lenses have complained about discomfort while wearing these coloured lenses. Due to this problem, there are quite a few people who are afraid to use the lenses, or they are no longer fond of them. But, in defence of coloured lenses, you should know that using them a bit carelessly can lead to coloured lenses causing discomfort in the eyes.

We shall discuss the issues and how we can relieve this small problem of discomfort while using coloured contact lenses.

Fitting of the contact lenses

It is important that you get your eyes examined by your eye doctor before your purchase the coloured lenses. While the measurement of the eyes is almost similar for everyone, in some case the measurements could differ for one person.

You need your eyes to get examined so that the doctor could prescribe you the correct measurement of your lenses. This way you would know if you could use the coloured lenses normally or if you must buy a customized pair of coloured eye contacts.


Allergic to the material or solution

Secondly, another problem that could cause great discomfort is the fact that you may be allergic to some material or solution. Therefore it is important, again, to get your eyes checked by a doctor. With your medical history, the doctor would tell you if you are allergic to any material that is used in coloured lenses or the solution that is used to clean the lenses.

If you take proper precaution, you would be able to find the right product to wear on your eyes.

Keep taking Your Vitamins & Nutrition

Many people have very sensitive eyes, and just after wearing lenses, they start to feel discomfort. Secondly, as nowadays we are working on computers, we put extra stress on our eyes. For that, you must take the necessary vitamins for your eye health that can provide you with the strength to tackle small issues.

Eyes drying up and irritating

This is a major issue that most coloured contact lenses’ users are unaware of. You see your eyes collect oxygen from the surrounding air and when you wear coloured lenses, they cover the eyes and make it harder for the eyes to collect oxygen. Even though coloured lenses nowadays are made with more gas permeability, they still hinder oxygen provision.

It because of this, you shouldn’t wear coloured contact lenses for far too long. 6-8 hours is enough time for you to enjoy wearing coloured lenses. You must give your eyes some rest.

Maintain Your Coloured Eye Contacts

Do you maintain your coloured contact lenses properly? If not, then you will feel irritation or discomfort while using them. Coloured contact lenses require great care and maintenance not just because they are delicate but also because your eye health depends on it. You cannot put dirty coloured lenses on your eyes.

Once you have used the lenses, it gets in contact with your tears and due to that protein and other particles accumulate on it. That is why you need to clean it properly every time you use them. Otherwise, they will cause unwanted discomfort.


Get a new Pair after your lenses have expired.

This is by far one of the most important rules you must follow while using coloured contact lenses. Once you have used the coloured lenses till their expiry date, you must discard them. If you persist on using them beyond their expiry, then you are simply endangering your eye health. If you want to use coloured contact lenses so much, you should get yourself a new pair. Never use an expired pair of eye contacts. This is very dangerous.

Apply less Eye Make-up

You can apply makeup with coloured contact lenses, but you should know that using makeup may cause some makeup particles to get on your coloured lenses.

Because of that try to use less makeup on your face, especially around the eyes. After all, coloured lenses are already so wonderful that you wouldn’t need to rely on makeup that much. A little makeup would make you wonderful.



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